RoyalSealCoatingtall-300x192Seal coating is a thick liquid slurry that is hand applied to protect asphalt from oxidation, UV rays, and damage caused by water penetration. When water penetrates blacktop, it starts to loosen the gravel in the asphalt mix which ultimately compromises the asphalt’s integrity. Inevitably, the water penetration will, due to freezing and defrosting, cause major cracking. In NJ, an area that experiences both freezing and thawing, ROYAL SEAL COATING recommends the application of seal coating annually, and more often for newly installed driveways. You ask why seal coat a new driveway? The goal of hand brushed seal coating on new driveways is to lock in the fine stone on the surfce and create a less permiable blacktop surface. This will allow minimal moisture to lay in the top surface. Protecting the blacktop by not allowing the moisture to penetrate will extend the life of the driveway. Here since 1983, we are not blacktop installers but we are a  blacktop repair and maintenance company. ROYAL SEAL COATING is the top residential asphalt maintenance company in Monmouth, Ocean, And Middlesex counties.



ROYAL SEAL COATING has been servicing  this community since 1983 and that’s why we know what you expect. Our office staff is available 12 months a year for any questions or concerns you may have. When you contact us, we will send a trained field representative to your home to leave you a written  quote with the details of our findings plus recommendations for the protection of your investment. ROYAL SEAL COATING knows it’s better to protect your driveway than to replace it.

Royal Seal Coating knows that seal coating protection is as  important  in warmer weather to protect your driveway  against UV rays,  chemical dripping and spills as it is for winter protection from freezing and defrosting. Asphalt is a petroleum product, and because it is, asphalt will react to other petroleum products that penetrate the surface. It may not be your automobile but between visitors, delivery vehicles, or lawn equipment,  oil and gasoline seem to reach almost everyone’s driveway causing the asphalt to brake down. The seal coat will aid in the protection against these harmful materials by serving as a protection barrier. Royal Seal Coating will also pre-treat oil spill areas which aids in allowing the sealer to adhere to otherwise non adherable oil spill areas. If applied annually and correctly, seal coating can save a homeowner a great deal of money by protecting their asphalt from cracking and chemical destruction. YOU CAN COUNT ON ROYAL SEAL COATING FOR THE BEST JOB TO PROTECT YOUR DRIVEWAY – clean, punctual, knowledgeable, and concerned about your best interest.